The happiness way

London, Gatwick airport, February 11, 2014, 10:35 in the morning. I´m waiting for my wife at the 113 gate for boarding on an Easyjet flight to Santiago de Compostela. At 10 o´clock we are waiting in the boarding lobby, drinking a cup of coffee. On the flight table, there is no gate for our flight, it´ll be at 10:10. My wife decided to go shopping and I remained seated in the snack bar near the flight table waiting for her. 

At 10:30 I still don´t know where my wife is and the boarding gate will close at 10:35, so I decide to have a look around the shops. After a few minutes, I could not find her and at 10:35 as I said before, I´m waiting in front of the boarding gate, speaking with the Easyjet land assistant ladies, explaining the reason of our delay “Sorry, I lost my wife in the boarding lobby, she decided to go shopping and I haven´t known anything else about her” and all of them burst out laughing. 

I asked them if it would possible to let her know about the boarding gate and if I could speak through the speakers, because she doesn´t speak english, they answered yes and I spoke in spanish after the lady “Rosa Blanco, presentarse en puerta 113 para embarque inmediato, gracias”, after a few minutes, again the same message, some more minutes and another message “Rosa, my love…..” , the lady turned the speakers off and all the land assistant ladies around burst out laughing again. 

Finally, my wife got to the finishing line, running and losing her breath. I gave her a love hug and a love kiss of course, like a love story film, the land assistant ladies burst out laughing again. Although for all of them it was unbelievable and it´ll be unforgettable, for us is the happiness way to live.

-Publicación hecha el 23/05/2014 y recuperada de mi anterior blog